Asian Girls on Mopeds is a two-(wo)man team of asian chicks that love manga and ride mopeds (aka “crotch-rockets”). They do not ride them because it is cute or fun, or even because they are asian. They ride them because they have to. For them, being broke lone wolves means they are confined to a bike that only goes 25 MPH, get snickered at by twelve-year-olds who also think that they are twelve, and get hit on by white guys who they try to leave behind in the dust but cannot because they can only go 25 MPH.

We are always looking for more staff. All applicants accepted! (We will not discriminate against race or chosen mode of transportation, whether it be feet or wheel-barrow or giant tortoise.)


ROLE: Petty Translator

THINGS ABOUT HER: Only-‘ghetto’-by-name creative writing student who wears her hat like a helmet, and her helmet like a hat. Writes whimsical short stories about her crazy family life and has an unhealthy obsession with all things Japanese.

MOMENT WHEN SHE IS MOST HAPPY: When there is nothing to do.


ROLE: OCD Editor

THINGS ABOUT HER: Had her shorts pulled down in front of her crush during a vicious flag football game in high school and has been traumatized ever since.

MOMENT WHEN SHE IS MOST HAPPY: When the first tray of early morning dim-sum arrives at her table.


 ROLE: Team Mascot

 THINGS ABOUT ROBOT: The one who really runs the show around here. Does everything from website maintenance to hosting interviews, and is programmed to create mad havoc with a push of a button.


  1. youths said:

    ha ha, your description of your group (and intro page!) are very amusing. makes me want to know more about you guys. 🙂

  2. Doll said:

    Hello !
    Have you a “faq”? (rules for retranslation ) or e-mai adress of your team?
    because i’m interrested ^^

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